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"Firmware Fantastic" - Digital Photography Podcast 551

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Sync and Selective Syncing in Dropbox

Dropbox is terrific for photographers. But it can also fill up hard drives if you have complete syncing turned on for all of your machines. Enabling Selective Sync puts you in control of how many files Dropbox copies locally, and how many remain solely in the Cloud.


In this free 5-minute movie from my lynda.com title, Dropbox for Photographers 2016, I show you how to take control of Dropbox local storage on your computer. You'll probably want to have different settings for a travel laptop compared to your home desktop machine. And you can do that just by checking a few boxes... that is if you know where those boxes are.

And remember, regardless of what you do with any particular computer, you can always change your mind because all of your files remain safe and sound in the Cloud.

More Dropbox 2016 Tips and Tricks

Dropbox users who enjoy photography will get a lot out of my latest lynda title, Dropbox for Photographers 2016. Or if you just want to learn more about some of the cool things that Dropbox can do, then watch the free movies and see what you think.

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Weekly Podcast

"Firmware Fantastic" - Digital Photography Podcast 551

This is The Digital Story Podcast #551, Sept 27, 2016. Today's theme is "Firmware Fantastic." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

Aside from pure immediacy, my favorite aspects of the digital age are firmware and software updates. I'm thinking about this because I've just reinvigorated my laptop, iPhone, iPad, and the DxO ONE camera. And what a difference! But sometimes we're hesitant or don't have time for these maintenance tasks. And that's the subject of this week's show.

Firmware Fantastic

I know many folks hold off on OS and firmware updates because they feel that their devices may become destabilized as a result. Although there is always such a possibility, my experience has been that brand name software is usually vetted quite well before sharing with the public. Here are some recent examples.


macOS Sierra - I started using Sierra on my mid-2014 MacBook Pro during its public beta phase. There were very few hiccups then, and the only issues I'm having now is that some of the software I use hasn't been updated for the new OS. I love having Siri on my Mac.

iOS 10 - I've installed it on an iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S and iPad mini 2 without issue. The only challenges I've had are getting used to the new features, such as the change for the lock screen. Overall, I feel like my iOS apps are doing a better job at releasing updates for the new OS.

As an aside, one on my little tricks is to buy a new iPhone case when I update the operating system, especially if I'm not going to buy the latest phone, such as the iPhone 7. The new OS and case literally make my 1-year-old device feel brand new.

DxO ONE Firmware Update 2.0.3 - This is a killer feature enhancement adding WiFi capability, mobile smart lighting, better battery management and more. BTW: if you use a DxO ONE, you should update its firmware before moving to iOS 10.

Lightroom Mobile 2.5.1 - Makes it easy to capture in RAW if late model iPhones running iOS 10.

Photos 2.0 - Even though this is part of the Sierra update, I want to talk about it individually. My biggest thrill is the addition of object recognition, which as totally changed search for me.

Should you hold off on any of these? In my opinion, certainly not!

Drobo Dairies

This week I ran a straight Finder copy to test the speed differences between the Drobo 5D and the 5Dt. I used the Thunderbolt cable included with each device and plugged them into my mid-2014 MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra. Here's how the numbers stacked up:

Drobo 5Dt, 98.53 GB copy, 9:49.
Drobo 5D, 98.53 GB copy, 12:45.

That's quite a difference in speed. Next week I'm going to report on running my Capture One Pro catalog off the Drobo 5Dt.

In the News

The Fotr App Forces You to Shoot 'Film' with Your iPhone, Prints Every Frame, via Petapixel.

Fotr is as close to film photography as you're likely to get out of your iPhone. The new iOS app acts just like a film camera: you have to buy "digital" film, and every single photo you take with that "roll" is printed... even the crappy ones.

Once you download the app, you will have to buy a "roll" of film--there are both color and black & white film stocks available, and each one mimics a well-known film like Kodak Tri-X or Fujifilm Velvia. Once bought, you've got that many exposures to shoot, each of which will be printed and shipped to your door within 10 days... no do overs.

Like regular film, you'll have to pay to play here. The app itself is free, but each set of prints will cost you. 24 and 36-frame "rolls" of B&W film printed 4×6 will cost $17 and $23, respectively. Those prices include all tax, packaging and shipping.

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See you next week!

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