Grab Shot 90 - "Hunter's Eyes"


"My niece was just leaving from visiting us before heading back to college," said Mark Gale. "As she walked out the door, I stopped her and said there was a beautiful photograph for her to take right behind her. She turned and didn't even see this hawk sitting on our fence until it flew. After my niece left, I grabbed my 30D with a 300 on it, and went to the back yard and crouched. The small birds came back in to the feeder, and I knew the harrier would try again. She dodged in and tried but the small birds once again eluded her. She perched on the fence slightly behind a evergreen chest towards the setting sun."

"After looking at the black and white images, I thought it would be fun to do a selection in Photoshop around the eyes, inverse the selection and then apply the layer style, and that is how I got the above. Just a simple round trip from Aperture to Photoshop and back."

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