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This is The Digital Story Podcast #937, March 5, 2024. Today's theme is "Film Simulations - Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

Your first thought may be, "Why do I care about film simulations?" And that's fair if what you are after is the standard Jpeg processing included with your camera. But since electronic viewfinders can present a view of the world with our settings applied, film simulations can lead the way to more creative photography. I will explain more in the first story of this week's TDS Photography Podcast. I hope you enjoy the show.

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Film Simulations - Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain


The announcement of the new Fujifilm X100 VI with its 20 film simulations seems to have re-energized this conversation. Being a fan of these myself, I thought it would be worth a few minutes of our time.

Basically, film simulations are merely alternative Jpeg processing formulas. Camera manufacturers have their default recipes, which are excellent, but if you want to get creative there are alternatives.

These really became popular with mirrorless cameras because the EVFs allowed us to preview the effect of any film simulation we had applied. Often this encourages creativity. And they are just plain fun.

Nearly every camera has a way to apply these. Fujifilm includes a library of simulations developed with their color science built right into the camera. Nikon also has their versions of this, called Picture Controls. They include their own, and then leave 9 slots open for you to add your own. Currently I'm using a set developed by an independent site called Nikon Picture Control Editor.

I use these on my Olympus cameras as well. Just like the other brands, OM System includes different looks built into the camera. But, you also have access to all of the controls required to create your own recepies. Rob Trek Online, for example, has published some Fujifilm recipies that you can apply to your OM System camera.

You can also apply film looks in post production. Adobe, DxO, Capture One, Photomator, RAW Power, and ON1 all have film looks available.

Tips for Film Simulation

Shoot RAW+Jpeg. The RAW will be RAW and the Jpeg will reflect the film simulation.

Note in your metadata descriptions the film simulation you used. These are not typically captured by the camera. I'm building an album in Capture One Pro that shows all of the film simulations that I'm using for the Nikon Zf.

You can always return to the camera manufacturer's profile in post. In Capture One Pro, for example, the Base Characteristics panel will let me switch back to a Nikon ICC profile if I decide I don't like the film simulation I used while shooting.

You can see the differences if you switch back and forth between the RAW version (which will have a native camera profile) and the Jpeg version (which will show the film simulation). I find this comparison very instructive.

Bottom Line

Film simulations, one way or another, can be enjoyed with any mirrorless camera. I love the looks they create, both in B&W and color. With my Nikon Zf, I have seven different B&W simulations to choose from - 3 native, and 4 added. And they are all very different.

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