Deke McClelland's Tour of Photoshop CS3 Interface


Now that Adobe Photoshop CS3 is official, it's probably time to start learning about its new features and interface enhancements. What better place to begin than with Deke McClelland, who is one of the best Photoshop experts in the business?

Deke will be publishing a series of CS3 tutorials on O'Reilly's Digital Media site. He's calling them dekeBytes. You can check out the first installment now, titled A Tour of Photoshop CS3's New Interface, posted by his editor, Colleen Wheeler.

In this mini-tutorial, Deke shows you what's different in the Photoshop CS3 interface and how to navigate those changes. Within minutes, you're well on your way to mastering the latest version of everyone's favorite pixel editor. The next installment will cover highlights from the new version of Bridge. Keep your eyes peeled for that next installment.

“The Goddess” photo by Aleksandra Alexis courtesy of iStockPhoto.

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