New Photoshop Action Pack for CS3


Mac Photoshop users can automate many of the mundane processing functions using tools built right into the operating system. All you need are the scripts to make it happen.

Fellow photographer and all-around good guy Ben Long has just released version 3.5 of his Photoshop Action Pack. This set of more than 80 actions includes handy tasks such as change resolution, invert, resize image, and on and on. You can use Automator to combine these actions into time-saving workflows. It's actually quite fun.

Version 3.5 is fully compatible with PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. In addition to the action bundle, an assortment of sample workflows is provided. The included 71-page manual gives you a reference for all of the included actions, as well as an introduction to using Automator, and strategies for building Photoshop workflows.

Scripting doesn't get any easier, or more fun, than working with Automator and these actions. The entire set is available as a donationware download. Get yours today.

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