Segway Patrol, San Francisco


One of the most popular shots I've published on The Digital Story was Steve Wozniak arriving at an Apple event on his Segway. Well, the Segways are out in full force again.

This time, I was out enjoying the SF sites on the SF Photo Walk -- a side event at WWDC that included a few TDS members! -- and lo and behold, an entire squad of Segways approached. They were part of a tour led by a company that puts visitors on Segways, then communicates with them through a walkie talkie system that provides local information through a speaker mounted on the Segway's handlebars.

I couldn't resist this grab shot, and I have a feeling that I'm really going to get a kick out of it 20 years up the road. Ah, life in San Francisco...

Photo by Derrick Story, June 2007

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