Sony Announces 300X Compact Flash Cards


There was a day when I would have been shocked to see Compact Flash cards with Sony branding on them. But I guess the A-100 DSLR changed all of that. Photography Blog is reporting that Sony has announced a new trio of high speed CF cards that can transfer data up to 45MBs per second. According to Sony Europe's press release:

"The high speed CompactFlash 300x cards allow UDMA-enabled D-SLR digital camera users to record more frames per second in continuous advance shooting mode and to transfer their images to the PC very rapidly to make room for new photographic projects. An 8GB CompactFlash card can hold up to 2,000 JPEG photos taken in 12 Megapixel resolution in the ‘Standard’ image setting, or up to 1,363 photos in ‘Fine’ mode. Even if both RAW and JPEG image data are recorded, the 8GB card offers enough space for more than 313 digital photos."

The CF cards will be available in October and come in 2, 4, and 8 GB flavors. What next? Before you know it you'll be able to run Windows natively on a Mac...

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