If You Have a Moment, Post a Review on Amazon


Of all the features that Amazon offers its customers, reviews submitted by people who read the books are still the most useful. This is especially true when a book takes a specific approach to a subject, such as what I've done with The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers. Unlike other Photoshop manuals that try to cover all of the tools, I filter through hundreds of features to present the most important ones for photographers who want to use CS4 as their photo workflow application.

When I read the first Amazon review for the Photoshop Companion, it was interesting to see that the book was perfectly suited for what that customer wanted (David J. McKee). By David sharing his thoughts, he helps both those who have similar needs and those who may want something else.

I'm mentioning this because, if you've read The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers, and you have insights about it that might be useful for other photographers, I encourage you to post a review on Amazon.

It's like so many other things we do on The Digital Story: share our ideas and our work with each other.

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