"The Big Wheel" - Grab Shot 170


"Here's a shot I took while attending a City Lights workshop held at dusk in Brisbane, Australia," writes Paul Merrett. "The science fiction looking device shown is a 60m (200 ft) high ferris wheel called The BIg Wheel. We had started shooting it from different angles while the sunlight faded."

"I decided to try a shot of The Big Wheel from much further back. For this version, the white balance was set to Tungsten as a suggestion from the instructor who wanted us to experiment with different settings. Other parameters were, ISO 50, f22, 17-40mm f4L lens set to 17mm, Canon 1D Mark III, tripod and self timer."

"When I reviewed the shots later in Aperture, I liked this one the most -- even better than the other "correctly white balanced" frames, and better than the faster shutter speed shots that clearly showed the gondolas attached."

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