Applying Olympus E-P1 Art Filters in Playback Mode

The Olympus E-P1 digital camera supports six Art Filters that allow you to apply effects in-camera. You have a choice of Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale & Light Color, Light Tone, Grainy Film, and Pin Hole. You can apply the filters to both still images and video. To see how these work, just switch to "Art" on the top mode dial of the E-P1.

Even though you can apply these filters in shooting mode, I prefer to capture in Raw on the E-P1, then do my creative work later in playback mode. Any of the six filters can be applied at that time. The original, untouched Raw file remains in the camera, but you also get a full size 4032 x 3024 Jpeg with the effect. You can apply as many filers as you want to each master file. My personal favorite Art Filters are Pop Art, Soft Focus, Grainy Film, and Pin Hole.

The top image was captured in Raw mode on the Olympus E-P1 (click on it to see larger view). Then later, I applied the Pop Art Art Filter in playback mode. It would have been difficult to capture with the Art Filter on since I was already shooting through a car window. Photo by Derrick Story. See more examples on my Flickr set titled Olympus E-P1 Art Filters.

Technique for Applying Art Filters in Playback Mode

  1. Turn on camera and switch mode dial to "Art".
  2. Choose the Art Filter you want to apply from the six options. Press the OK button.
  3. Go to Playback mode and navigate to the image you want to apply the filter to.
  4. Press the Menu button and navigate to the Playback settings, third category from the top.
  5. Select Edit from this menu.
  6. Click on SEL IMAGE.
  7. Press the OK button and choose RAW DATA EDIT.
  8. Click YES.

The E-P1 will process the image, and within a few seconds you're looking at a new version of the shot with the Art Filter applied. It might seem like a lot of steps to accomplish this when you read the list above, but it actually goes quite fast in practice. Plus, you have the benefit of retaining the Raw file, and working quickly during the shoot. Get the best shot you can on the spot, then get creative later in playback mode.

Of all of the Art Filters, I think Soft Focus is the most practical. It provides a nice amount of filtration without destroying the detail in the image. But I'm sure you'll have your own favorites. This is a great activity for on the plane after flying home from vacation. Just fire up the Olympus E-P1 and get creative. Then, when you get home, download the images to your computer and enjoy.

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