Tripods Getting Smarter Too

The march of innovation affects everything, not just the latest digital camera or computer. Tripods are an excellent case in point. Take a look at the new Davis & Sanford Traverse Tripod ($169) that folds up ingeniously to a mere 16", but extends to a comfortable 57".

Other companies, such as Benro, offer the Travel Angel Aluminum Tripod, ($231) that's a full-featured, sturdy camera support with legs that also fold up over the tripod head resulting in a compact unit you can take just about anywhere.

Even traditional brands, such as Manfrotto, offer a 4-Section Tripod with Ballhead ($115) that's relatively compact (19" folded) and supports most DSLRs and all compacts.

My point is, if you haven't looked at tripods lately, like everything else, they have continued to improve. And chances are, you can get something just right for your needs that fits within your budget.

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