Sunset Portraits - Outdoor Photo Tip #1

Sunset Portrait

Don't miss the opportunity to capture sunset portraits when camping or hiking. If you have a clear horizon, the technique is very simple:

  • Turn on the flash and set it to "slow synchro" or "nighttime portrait."
  • Take a meter reading off the sky so you lock in the sunset. I usually use "exposure lock" to retain this setting while I recompose the shot.
  • Make sure you're within flash range. If the flash is too hot, dial it down to -1 with your "flash exposure compensation" setting.
  • Take the photo. If things look a little muddy or shaky, raise the ISO to 400 or 800.

These types of images make great keepsakes for members of your camping party. And they make you look like a genius photographer!

Sunset portrait captured with a Canon S90, ISO 800, Slow Synchro Flash. Click on image to enlarge.

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