Introducing: "Blurb on The Digital Story"

Blurb on The Digital Story

What's the best book-making tool for showing off your thoughts and images? The conclusion I've come to for our virtual camera club is Blurb. In my opinion, they rise above others for producing high quality print on demand books for photographers.

You can bookmark "Blurb on The Digital Story" or click on the bright blue Blurb logo in the Sponsors list (on every page of TDS) to see what's happening in the world of Blurb.

So, I started talking with them. The result of our discussions is Blurb on The Digital Story. This sponsored site provides you with weekly feature articles about books and bookmaking, incoming feed from the excellent Blurberati blog, ongoing Blurb Twitter conversations, and the crown jewel: Blurb Book Page of the Month.

Blurb Book Page of the Month

You know how much I like finding interesting avenues for you to share your work with others (especially if you get a little something extra in return). And now we have a new way to shine a light on your creativity. The Blurb Book Page of the Month will feature the most interesting book page designs from The Digital Story audience. Each month, a featured photographer will also receive a $75 Blurb certificate and a copy of How to Make a Gorgeous Photo Book. I have a copy myself, and it is informative and stunning. You can get all the details about participating in Blurb Book Page of the Month on the new Blurb on The Digital Story site. It's very easy. It doesn't cost you anything. And believe, it's very rewarding.

I've also updated the Member Participation page on TDS that explains all of the opportunities for sharing your work and communicating with us.

Blurb on The Digital Story is a sponsored site dedicated to using Blurb tools for telling your story through photographs and words.