TiltShift Generator for iPad for Intelligent Creativity

Many of the specialty apps for the iPad transform once-difficult manipulations into simple fun. Such is the case for TiltShift Generator for iPad. You can create radial and linear blurs, plus add vignetting for any image on your iPad. And the final product can change your image into something quite special.

Maria Sharapova by Derrick Story Linear blur applied to top and bottom of this image of Maria Sharapova. Click for larger view.

When it's time to export, you have options that include: 480x640, 600x800, 768x1024, 900x1200, 1200x1600, and original size. You can send the edited version as an email attachment or upload to twitpic, twitgoo, or yfrog. If you just want to save the edited version to your iPad, you can do that too. It will be placed in your Saved Photos album, while the original remains intact in its original album.

Maria Sharapova Serve by Derrick Story Radial blur applied to this image of Maria Sharapova serving. Click for larger view.

TiltShift Generator for iPad is available for $2.99 in the iTunes App Store. It feels like Photoshop made easy... and a lot cheaper too.

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