Flickr Essential Training (v2011) with Derrick Story Just Released

Much has changed in the Flickr universe since I released the original training title on in 2009. So I went back into the recording booth to create a brand new, updated, Flickr Essential Training for 2011.

Right now, you can view 8 free movies that cover really useful stuff, such as keyboard shortcuts, editing your personal information, and tips for using Google to search inside of Flickr.

I even have this short welcome movie to give you a feel for the tone and contents of this title.

Personally, I think Flickr is once of the most enjoyable ways to share photos and view great work by others. And if you invest just a little time with this training title, you'll get more out of this online photography site than you ever imagined.

More Training Available

We have many more informative movies available in the title, Flickr Essential Training. Stop by and learn how to get the most from your favorite photo sharing application.

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