Samsung NX 100 Pros and Cons (Plus Macworld Review)

Samsung NX 100

In my Macworld review of the Samsung NX 100 ILC camera, I say that it's an innovative camera, but not always a practical one. Its large APS-C sensor in a relatively compact body is alluring. But lack of lens options and no pop-up flash put it behind the competition from Sony, Olympus, and Panasonic.

So here are my Pros and Cons for the NX100:


  • iFunction Ring handy for quick settings
  • "Smart" exposure mode is fun and relatively useful
  • Great image quality from ISO 100-400; good quality up to1600
  • Large APS-C sensor in a slim camera body
  • Clear menu system that's generally easy to navigate
  • Competitive pricing for a CILC


  • No pop-up flash
  • Slippery grip
  • Noisy lens focusing
  • Lacks built-in IS with kit lens
  • Effective 30mm-75mm zoom range of kit lens not wide enough
  • Lacks dedicated video recording button

The bottom line is, I don't recommend the Samsung NX 100, considering that I like the micro four/thirds options from Olympus and Panasonic better, not to mention the pretty nice Sony NEX series.

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