"Don't Move!"

When Theresa got to the top of the bluff, I said, "Don't move!" because I saw this shot instantly. Even for simple day hikes in my neighborhood, I always pack a camera. (Yes, this spot is walking distance from my front door.) I had the Olympus XZ-1in my pocket this day.

Spring in Sonoma County

It was quite bright during the hike. I had my sunglasses on, which makes it even harder to compose images on the camera's LCD. Fortunately, I had the VF-2 electronic viewfinder on the XZ-1. This improved my odds of getting a good composition.

I sent the photo to Theresa at work the next day. She had it up on her computer screen when a coworker stopped by. "What a great shot!" Then another coworker viewed it, and another after that. It's now Theresa's desktop wallpaper, and she says it brings that good feeling from the hike to her hectic office environment.

I know I've said it a million times, but take your camera with you when you walk out the door. You might capture a moment that makes someone else's day too.

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