High ISO: I Never Get Tired of It

Jiffy Pop!

We were heating up Jiffy Pop popcorn (as much fun to make as it is to eat) over a camp fire the other night, and I grabbed my Canon 60D, composed a shot, and captured the moment. It was already dark in camp, and our only real illumination were the coals and occasional flame from the fire.

I love the shot, as much for sentimental reasons, because it captures the feeling of friends and family sitting around a fire, talking about random subjects, and of course eating popcorn. I didn't even have to think about how I was going to make the photograph because I knew my camera can record excellent images up to ISO 3200, and decent ones beyond that.

So I was free to just pick up the 60D, compose, shoot, then put it down and grab a handful of hot popcorn. I never fell out of the moment. High ISO capability makes this easy.

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