"Shooting the Shooter" - Grab Shot 217


"As you advised in one of the January podcasts, I've started a photo group with some friends who share my passion for photography," writes Michael DeBuhr. "We get together on the last weekend of each month to shoot. Sometime we pick specific styles or subjects (for August we worked on macro), but mostly it's just for fun and an excuse to get out and take some pictures and chat about cameras. Afterwords we post our best shots on Flickr for the rest of the group to see and offer suggestions to improve."

"In this picture, my friend Dave was taking a picture of his wife taking a picture of the bridge, which I found amusing so I took one of him."

Photo by Michael DeBuhr.

This is our 217th Grab Shot! Wow. If you want to review the collection that began back in 2006, go to our Grab Shots page.

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