Inspirational Reading for Photographers - "Art & Soul"

Art and Soul

The first time I saw Brian Smith shoot, I realized how he makes those compelling portraits. Brian is like a sculptor. And with his camera he chips away all distracting elements until he discovers the essence of his subject.

You can experience this for yourself by getting your hands on a copy of Art & Soul, a stunning collection of portraits and thoughts by well-known actors, musicians, and filmmakers. Brian teamed up with editor Robin Bronk to portray the thoughts and images of dozens of stars sharing their views on the importance of art. The book was created in partnership with the Creative Coalition, and a portion of the proceeds will support their nonprofit programs.

Anne Hathaway photographed by Brian Smith Anne Hathaway photographed by Brian Smith

Now here's the truly amazing part. You can purchase this book on Amazon for $26 with free shipping. And it's a lot of book: 13" x 10.5", 256 pages, over 4 pounds.

I recommend it not only for all portrait photographers, but for anyone who loves the arts and admires those who create it. Art & Soul is inspiritional reading. You may want to buy two copies: one for the artist in your life, and the other for you.

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