Multiple Exposure Model Shoot with the Pentax K-5

One of my favorite features on the Pentax K-5is the multiple exposure setting that allows me to integrate up to 9 images on one frame. So I set up the K-5 in the studio and went to work with one of my best models.

Alyssa Moods

We set up the shoot so Alyssa would strike three poses. The camera was firmly mounted on a tripod in one position for all three shots. I positioned her on the far left for the first exposure and tripped the shutter. We then set up the second pose in the middle of the frame, and the third on the far right. I was working at a slight angle so I could create perspective.

After the third exposure, the K-5 combined the poses into one Raw file. I then uploaded the image to Aperture for tonal adjustment and finishing work with the Nik Silver Efex Pro 2plug-in.

You could combine these poses in Photoshop instead of working in-camera. But what I like about this approach is that the lighting and background are spot-on consistent throughout the composition. That's not always easy in post production.

The multiple exposure technique can be used indoors and out, with people or objects. I had been thinking about making this image for a few weeks, and we had a blast working on it yesterday.

Author's note: In the podcast, Multiples, I also talk about the Adorama Triple Shoe Adapter and how I set up the lighting for this shoot.

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