Samsung - A Force to Be Reckoned With

The question that surfaces in nearly every conversation here at CES is, "Have you seen the Samsung booth?" Not only is it amazing in terms of design and dazzle, but looking at the contents there, it's clear that this company has become a major force in the technology world.

Samsung Smart TV Display at CES The Samsung booth at CES 2012

In my normal life, I hear mostly about this Korean giant in terms of their cameras, such as the Samsung NX10APS-C camera system, or about the battle with Apple in the smart phone arena. Their latest Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Android Phoneis a good example of their excellent hardware.

But when you enter the booth at CES, you see so much more -- super thin OLED big screen TVs, 3D cinema quality Internet connected TVs, a plethora of digital devices, and a whole lot of people interested in them.

Samsung LED TV Series 8 Samsung LED TV Series 8 with stunning picture quality.

It's clear that Samsung is a driven company. Competitors beware.

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