New Flickr Uploader Features and Interface

Popular photo sharing site Flickr has retooled its uploader interface. The new version features both improved functionality and is easier on the eyes.


The first think you'll notice is that the previous stark white thumbnail background has been replaced by charcoal gray. Not only does this make the photos look better, it's more attractive overall.

You can grab thumbnails and reposition them so they appear in the order you want in the photostream. There are also presets for the sorting order if you want newest first or oldest first.

Changing titles, adding captions, and working with tags is also easy for individual photos as well as the entire set.

Overall, this is a welcome feature change. I'd like to see this look and feel spread throughout the entire Flickr interface. To use the new uploader, look for the "Upload" link in the top toolbar of the Flickr interface. For the moment, it has a "new" flag next to it.

Oh, and while you're there, take a look at The Digital Story public group. Lots of great images. They're also the source of the Member Photo of the Day on our TDS Facebook community page.

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