Andriod Meets Nikon


The Nikon COOLPIX S800c digital camera ($349 US) doesn't have cellular (although how cool would that be), but it is Android powered with WiFi connectivity. (Hey, watch out for that zoom lens while using the touchscreen...)

The generous 3.5" rear OLED touch screen is big enough to take advantage of a boatload of apps available in Google Play. You're still going to have to duck in to a Starbucks (or maybe this is the time to get MyFi) to connect to the Internet. But once you do, you can process and share your images directly from the camera.

One of the many photo apps available in Google Play is Instagram. Can you imagine the leg up you'd have shooting with a 16 MP, 10X optical zoom, ISO 25-3200 Nikon camera?

Not fair!

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