Remember to Photograph Your Set Up Too

When working with lighting and portraits, it's easy to get caught up in the photo shoot and forget how you captured the shot. Like a good cooking recipe, you want to be able to repeat your performance if it turns out well.

model_shoot_sebastopol.jpg Our lighting set up for an outdoor model shoot during the TDS Fall Photography Workshop.

During yesterday's model shoot at the TDS Fall Photography Workshop, I reminded our participants to step back and record the various lighting schemes we were testing. That way, when they nailed a portrait they really liked, they could duplicate the results another time with a different subject.

Camera phones are great for documenting photo shoots. You could have an assistant or friend snap some pictures during the session to capture the lighting set ups. As long as the datestamp on the camera phone and your DSLR match, you'll be able to see exactly how you got that great shot.

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