iPad mini DIY Case (and more)


Before long, we'll have many cool and interesting cases to choose from for the iPad mini. In the meantime, you probably have an excellent leather case right under your nose.

The Leather Folio Pad

The iPad mini is about the size of note-taking pads that we use at conferences and workshops. I looked in my office supply cabinet and found three of these leather folios with paper. On the left side was a solar calculator attached to a sleeve. Don't need that any more! So I carefully removed the sleeve and calculator with an X-acto knife, and now I have a folio for the iPad mini. I leave the paper pad in. It's still handy to have. Then I place the iPad mini facedown on the paper and zip up the folio. Fits perfectly. I look stylish. iPad mini protected.


Stump for mini

The $24 Stump Stand works great for the mini too. If you have one that you used for the full-sized iPad, dig it up. I think it's even better with the mini.

There are two vertical positions, lean and upright, that securely display the mini in portrait mode. If you want a lower angle for typing, then go to ramp mode. I keep a Stump Stand on my desk.


The Jack by Insanely Great

The $10 Jack by Insanely Great was originally designed for the iPhone. The suction cup adheres to the back of the iPhone and the grip pad on the bottom of the stand keeps the device from sliding around on your desk. I've had one for a while and use it in certain situations for the iPhone.

Trying it with the mini, I discovered that the suction cup doesn't like the aluminum back for more than a few minutes. But if you turn the Jack around so the suction cup is on the desk and the friction pad against the back of the iPad, it works much better. I kind of like it actually, especially as a mod.

The point is, if you have things like this already in your odds and ends drawer, dig around in there and see what you can come up with. You probably have more iPad mini accessories than you realize.

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