Great Photos After the Event Too

Don't get me wrong. I love capturing good action shots during a sporting event. But the storyteller in me is interested in what happens off the hardwood too. Last night's Golden State Warriors vs the Los Angeles Lakers game was a perfect example.

Carl Landry Chalk Talk Carl Landry (Warriors #7) hangs around after the game for a "chalk talk."

Often there are post game interviews, season ticket holder events, arena maintenance, bus departures, fan interactions, and more after the final buzzer.

Big Ladder

First we stayed for the Carl Landry "chalk talk," which was very enjoyable. (Carl Landry is a terrific guy, BTW). Then the Lakers departed the locker room to board the team bus. That's also a good photo opp. I really enjoyed watching the fans line up along the railing with their cell phones held high trying to get the attention of their favorite player.

Waiting for the Laker Bus

The point is, I recommend that you keep your camera out and look for good images after the game too. I mean, what the heck. The parking lot is jammed, and you're just going to be sitting in your car anyway. Why not grab a few more memorable photos instead?

You can see more shots from the game on the TDS Flickr page.

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