Macworld/iWorld Worth a Visit

If you're in the Bay area, the ongoing Macworld/iWorld event is worth a trip to Moscone Center West in the heart of San Francisco. The show boasts about 300 exhibitors, tech talks, live events, music, and after-hours parties.

The Padcaster & Lenscaster Combo Floor demo of the Padcaster that turns an iPad into a broadcasting machine.

Chances are also good that your favorite Mac luminary will be hanging around the corridors. Half the fun of my day spent at Macworld was visiting with friends in the business who I don't see often these days.

Powell St., San Francisco
Powell St., San Francisco

Plus, the weather is great in San Francisco right now, and it's a wonderful place for street shooting. I grabbed plenty of shots with my iPhone and Olympus PEN while hoofing around the city.

Macworld/iWorld runs through Feb. 2. You might want to stop by if you're in the neighborhood.

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