The Polaroid Interchangeable Lens Android Camera

Polaroid was showing off their new Android-based camera at the Pepcom Digital Experience on the eve of CES 2013. Aimed at snapshooters, this CSC features a 10-30mm zoom with a 3.4" touchscreen LCD, powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.

Polaroid Android Camera

Yes, you can load apps and access the Internet via the camera's built-in WiFi radio. The performance for the demo model, however, was a bit sluggish. And it did crash once during testing.

Android Based Polaroid

A very unique feature is the location of the sensor: it's in the lens. No need to worry about dust and contaminates because the sensor is never exposed.

CPU in the Lens

Estimated price will be $349. Based on what I saw, I can't recommend it, even though it costs less than other system cameras. The fit and finish of the components was less than stellar, the OS felt unstable, and I'm just not sure about the lens design.

We'll see what others report. But for the time being, this seems more like a novelty item rather than a legitimate photographic tool.

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