Old Time Photostrip with Pocketbooth for the iPad or iPhone

Want to capture the moment with a friend or your sweetie? Lauch Pocketbooth on your iPad or iPhone and snap an old time photostrip that you can post, email, print, of have delivered.


This 99 cent app is like having you own portable photo booth with you everywhere you go. Enjoying a great night out? Launch Pocketbooth and record the moment. You can use a number of effects including B&W, 1975, Antique, Color, and Sepia. Plus there are 9 more that you can purchase in-app.

You can use the front camera if you're taking the portraits yourself, or the back-facing camera if someone else is operating the photo booth. Other options include number of photos in the strip and border style.

Once you've captured the series, ala flashing light warning from the traditional photo booths, you can post the series on Facebook, Twitter, share via email, save to your camera roll, send to an AirPrint printer, or order a traditional photo output to be mailed to you. Current special price is $1.99 per strip.

Might be fun if you go out for Valentine's Day...

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