"Are DSLRs Dead? Top Notch CPS, Facebook" Digital Photography Podcast 367

This week on the Digital Story: Is the DSLR Dead? CPS Services for Canon Shooters. Facebook for TDS Comments. Event Photography Follow Up... and more!

Story #1 - Is the DSLR Dead? I get this question a lot. I guess because I've embraced mirrorless cameras, many photographers are assuming that one replaces another. This is not the case. The DSLR is far from dead, and I discuss why.

Story #2 - CPS Services for Canon Shooters. If you depend on Canon gear and want the best in service for it, I recommend Canon Professional Services Gold membership ($100 year). You get 2 free clean & checks a year, event support, equipment loan, 3-day turnaround, 30 percent repair discount, and free return shipping. Plus they treat you like a king. You need 20 CPS points to qualify, which for me was essentially one body and 3 lenses.

Story #3 - Facebook for Comments. Because of the spam problem that was crashing TDS daily, I've moved the conversation over to the TDS Facebook page. It's worked out great. And remember, we have our TDS Member Photo of the Day published there too. If you're not a Facebook person, you can always write me at derrick[at]thedigitalstory[dotcom] to comment.

Story #4 - Event Photography Follow Up. Did you see the Inside my Pro Messenger Camera Bag post? It includes details for my event photography equipment with a 1-minute movie showing the contents of my Lowepro Pro Messenger 200 AW camera bag.

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