Event Photographer's Best Friend - 70-200mm Zoom Lens

Successful event photography requires quick reflexes and a few tricks. And like the magician's wand, the 70-200mm pro zoom can cast the perfect spell.

cheese_on_boos_block.jpg Canon 70-200mm IS at f/4.5 on a Canon 60D at ISO 1600, 1/400th of a second.

When fully extended and wide open, I can isolate subjects that are only a few inches apart. I have enough reach to achieve a good shooting angle, even in a crowded room. And with image stabilization combined with wide aperture, nearly any lighting condition can be tamed.

Ask just about any event photographer this question: "If you could take only one lens to this assignment, which one would you choose?" The answer more often than not would be: "My 70-200mm."

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