The 1-Step Photo Transfer from Aperture (or iPhoto) to iPad (or iPhone)

The easiest way to move a picture that you've just edited in your Aperture library to your iOS device is to drag and drop. That's right. It's that simple. And it works for iPhoto too.

AT&T Reflected in iPhone
Edited in Aperture, but want to use on my iPad. No problem! And it literally takes seconds to move.

Here's how to do it:

  • Purchase PhotoSync ($1.99) in the iTunes App Store and load on all of your iOS devices.
    • Download the free Mac version of PhotoSync from the Mac App Store and put it on your Dock.
    • Launch PhotoSync on your iOS device.
    • On your Mac, drag the thumbnail of the image you want to transfer (in either iPhoto or Aperture) on to the PhotoSync icon in the Dock.
    • Within seconds, the image will appear on your Camera Roll on your iPad or iPhone.

    Setting the Size for the File That's Transferred

    In Aperture, the Preview size of the file is what is moved from your Mac to iOS device. You can control that size by, in Aperture, going to Preferences > Previews, and setting the parameters you want. Here's what I use.

    aperture_preview_setting.jpg The size of your Preview in Aperture is the size of the file that's transferred.

    Once you have the image, or images on your iOS device, you can easily show them off, post to Instagram, or even add to your Flickr account. Actually, I prefer uploading to Flickr from my iPhone than on my computer. It's more fun, and I have all of those filters to play with.

    Aperture Tips and Techniques

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