An Industrial Strength Lens Shade That You Might Already Have

Rouge FlashBender Flag Bounce Card

The solution to dealing with strong, directional light that's determined to cause flare in your photograph may already be sitting in your camera bag. If you have a RougeFlag Bounce Cardthat you typically use for bounce flash, you can adapt it to serve as a robust lens shade too.

This particular FlashBender includes a black cloth "flag" that attaches over the white reflective surface. I tend to leave my flag attached so I don't lose it. When I'm using the RougeFlag for bounce flash, I remove the black cloth and store it in my bag.

But, if I want serious flare protection for my lens, I leave the black cloth on and attach the FlashBender to my lens using the adjustable strap. In this photo I'm using it with a Canon 24-105mm f/4 L zoom on a 5D Mark II. Unlike a traditional lens hood, the FlashBender can be positioned exactly as needed to block the sun from striking the front of your lens.

I love multi-use. This $29 bounce flash accessoryhas already paid for itself many times over. The fact that it can help me fight flare too is just a sweet bonus.

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