iPhone Panorama vs Compact Camera - 2 Different Worlds

Panoramas are a great way to document an area that you're visiting. But it's interesting how different the same place can look, depending on how you make the image. I have have two panoramas here, one captured with a Canon S90 and stitched together in Photoshop CS6. And the other recorded with an iPhone 4S in panorama mode.

Canon S90 Panorama

Marin County Panorama Canon S90 Photoshop CS6

With the S90, I was able to zoom in a bit to better show the body of water below. I captured 3 frames and used Photomerge in Photoshop to assemble the final image. Click on image for larger version.

iPhone 4S Panorama

Marin County Panorama iPhone

The iPhone version is much wider and has less magnification. They almost look like two different locations.

So a panorama is not just a panorama. Like all types of photography, the decisions you make at capture have a tremendous impact on the final outcome.

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