Top 5 Tips for Building Your iPad Portfolio

Creating a portfolio on your iPad says that you have reached a certain point in your photography. It makes the statement, "Not only do I know how to make a photograph, I know how to present it as well."

Here are five tips from my latest book, iPad for Digital Photographers that will help you build your mobile portfolio.

iPad Portfolio

  • Don't add too many images. Limit your portfolio to 12-28 photographs.
  • When in doubt, leave it out. If you're debating whether or not to include a certain photo, you probably shouldn't.
  • When sharing your portfolio, avoid pointing out aspects of an image you don't like. Once you point out a "flaw," that's all the viewer will see.
  • Hand the iPad to the viewer and let them navigate. This allows them to enjoy your work at their own pace.
  • Listen to what viewers say. Comments about your photos are gifts. Accept them with an open mind.

Assemble your portfolio now and have it ready to go. Nothing kills the moment like fishing around for shots on a mobile device.

There's plenty more about this topic in Chapter 6 of iPad for Digital Photographers, titled, Presenting Your Mobile Portfolio.

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