Versatile Joby UltraPlate Quick Release Is a Great Value

Most Arca-Swiss quick release plates cost between $30-$50.The new Joby UltraPlate quick release plate that's Arca-Swiss compatible is only $19.95, plus it has a few very handy features.

Joby UltraPlate Swiss Arca Ball Head Joby UltraPlate (right) shown with compatible Ballhead X and UltraFit Sling Strap.

First, it's compatible with the affordable Joby Ballhead X. Second, the UltraPlate has sockets to accept a strap, such as the Joby UltraFit strap. And third, it only weighs 47 grams (1.67 ounces).

I have the UltraPlate mounted on my Canon 60D. When I'm on the go, I attach the new XXL UltraFit Sling. If I need to mount the 60D on the tripod, I don't have to remove the sling. I just slide the camera into the ballhead with the strap still on. Very convenient!

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