Lightroom 5 Pros and Cons

Lightroom 5 has its share of headliner features as well as small improvements. In my Macworld Magazine article, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 presents an impressive and innovative upgrade, I cover the biggies, such as Smart Previews and Upright, as well as my favorite refinements.

Lightroom 5 Radial Gradient Tool The Radial Gradient Tool in Lightroom 5

My most-liked headliners are: Upright (to help straighten buildings and horizons), Radial Gradient (to draw attention to a specific area of the image), and Smart Previews (lossy DNGs that allow you to work offline with the masters at home). As for refinements, I'm thrilled that Adobe finally incorporated a true full screen view of an image (hit the F key).

As for cons, the Slideshow module continues to lag behind the competition. This surprises me considering that Adobe knows how to make great video editing software. And I think that the Library module needs some attention. Lightroom's photo organization isn't nearly as robust as its image editing ability.

Overall, Lightroom 5 is an excellent upgrade for current Lightroom users. Its lens correction abilities and gradient tools are particularly attractive.

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