Using Your DSLR with an iPad

Many mobile workflows focus on compact or mirrorless cameras. But you can use your beloved DSLR too. One of the challenges for DSLR shooters is how to handle the RAW files. In my latest article for Techhive, Share photos from your DSLR, no computer required, I discuss some sample workflows that might be a good starting point for you.

iPad in Lowepro Pro Messenger camera bag

The essence of the article is this: shoot RAW + JPEG, find a way to separate the JPEGs from the RAWs in the field, only work with JPEGs on your mobile device, upload the RAWs to your computer when you get home. And yes, it can work quite nicely.

Another option, not mentioned in the article, is to shoot RAW only, then make JPEG copies in-camera of the shots you want to use. Transfer those JPEGs to your mobile device, and deal with the RAWs later.

There are plenty of variations on all these themes. My guess is, that in there somewhere, a workflow is just right for you. Hopefully, my TechHive article will help you find it.

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