"Taming Instagram 4, Pro Movie Tips, Transit Sling" - Photography Podcast 381

This week on The Digital Story: Taming Instagram 4, DSLR Movie Making Tips from the Pros, Lowepro Transit Sling for Nimble Photographers - All of this and more in today's photography podcast.

Story #1 - Instagram 4 - Lots of sprucing up with the latest version of Instagram (v 4.0.1) including 15 second video recording, image stabilization, 13 new movie filters, selectable cover frame for videos, and subtle UI refinements.

As a viewer, you might want to go to your Instagram Settings by tapping on your Profile icon, then tap on the Gear icon in the upper right corner. There you can turn off Auto Play Videos so that you're in control of the movies you watch.

As a creator, look for graphically strong content for your videos, and choose the most compelling frame for you cover image. This is what people will see as they scroll through the home page of their Instagram feed.

You can follow my Instagram feed that I post to regularly. I promise not to over use the video capability!

Story #2 - Interview with Louis Ekrem of Laughing Cat Films and Eric Michael Perez of Clicker Video. During this informal chat, we discuss some of the tips that we shared during the recent Movie Making for Photographers workshop that we led on June 15 and 16. We also explain why we think still photography is good training for filmmakers.

Story #3 - The Lowepro Transit Sling 250 AW is an excellent choice for nimble photographers who carry an iPad and shoot with a mirrorless camera or enthusiast DSLR kit. The Transit Sling has the design features of a top camera bag including tripod holder, all weather cover, fast access, discreet good looks, excellent craftsmanship, and versatility. I spend a few minutes discussing my experience with this bag over the last few months.

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