PhaseOne: "Fuji X-Trans sensor excels in Capture One 7"


Is Capture One 7 the way to go if you're shooting with a new Fujifilm X-Trans sensor? In the blog post, Fuji X-Trans sensor excels in Capture One 7, PhaseOne blogger NIELS V. KNUDSEN writes:

"Many algorithms and process steps in the Capture One processing pipeline have been modified in order to handle this new pattern. As a result, Capture One now has a solution with which you can achieve excellent details and precise colors using these X-trans cameras." Knudsen goes on to say that control of moire and more precise color rendering are the real benefits.

If true, this could shine a new light on Capture One 7, at least by Fujifilm shooters. If anyone has experience with this combination, please post your comment on the TDS Facebook page.

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