Exploring Flickr on an Android Smartphone

Exploring the Flickr Universe on an Android Device

I sometimes go weeks at a time without viewing Flickr on my computer. That's because the mobile experience is so good. Both Android and iOS devices have excellent versions of the Flickr app, and I thought I'd give you a tour on an Android smart phone today (just for fun!).

In this video, I show how easy it is to view pictures from our contacts, then branch out to explore the wonderful, visually rich Flickr universe. If you find a photographer that really sings to you, you can add that person to your contacts list and continue to enjoy their images. I also upload and manage my photos using the mobile app, and I cover those techniques in other movies in this training title.

But for now, let's view the work of others on an Android device.

I explore the entire Flickr universe, mobile and computer, in my lynda.com title, Flickr Essential Training. Stop by and take a look.

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