Morning on Oahu

Everyone knows that the Hawaiian Islands are a feast for a photographer's eyes. But if you really want to capture the essence of paradise, get up early, grab your camera, and go for a walk.

Morning on Oahu Morning on Oahu by Derrick Story

Usually, I'm up early anyway, because that's the best time for snorkeling. So I pack my Lowepro Photo Sport Shoulder 18L with my mask, snorkel, a towel, and the Olympus Tough compact camera.

The cool think about having a tough camera, is that I don't have to leave it on the beach while I'm in the water. Plus, I love getting all those fish and turtle shots.

The bottom line is, what ever your excuse to get up early once or twice on a vacation, the benefits remain the same. You'll be rewarded with images that others miss. (You can imagine what this beach looks like only an hour later.)

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