Street Shooting with the Olympus OM-D and 14-42mm Zoom

I have many different configurations for the Olympus OM-D. But for street shooting, I often choose the 14-42mm zoom lens and the top half of the Power Battery Holder as my accessories. Combined with a light, discreet, messenger style bag (specific model soon to be announced), I'm ready to record any activity in the city.

Personally, I think the 14-42mm zoom lens is often overlooked by OM-D photographers. It's light, has an effective focal length of 28-84mm (great for street shooting), and is very sharp. I keep a Hoya 37mm filter kit ($59) in my pocket that includes a UV, polarizer, and ND 4X filters.

Jefferson & Jones, SF

For handstrap, I'm currently using the BosStrap G3 Tail/Ultra Light Hand Band ($12). The combination of the BosStrap with the top half of the Power Battery Holder make a very comfortable and secure shooting grip.

Hercules, SF

I used this rig to capture the images posted here. I was in San Francisco yesterday for a few business meetings. In between my appointments, I would hit the streets with my OM-D. And since I have the iPad mini in my bag, there's the option of processing the Jpegs there on location, or waiting to work with the Raw files in Aperture when I return home.

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