"Robotic iPhone, Cheap Labor, Fall Madness" - Digital Photography Podcast 390

This week on The Digital Story show: Robotic iPhone camera, cheap labor, September will be heaven for tech lovers - All of this and more on today's photography podcast.

Story #1 - Robotic iPhone camera: The Galileo robotic dock for iPhone opens up a new world of photography possibilities. I've been using the device for 24-hour home surveillance and to make killer 360 degree panoramas.

I secured a Galileo early through their Kickstarter fund raising. I've been testing two apps with it: AirBeam - Live HD video surveillance and motion detection ($3.99) and with DMD Panorama ($1.99). You can watch this short video of Galileo in action that I recorded at the TDS Studio. I explain what's going on here in the first segment of the show.

Story #2 - Cheap Labor: In my recent post, How to Capture Flattering Portraits in Harsh Light, I discuss the value of reflectors and diffusers for outdoor photography.

Reflector and Diffuser Can you spot the cheap labor in this shot? Photo by photographer Dennis Adams.

One TDS member commented that you need an extra set of hands to employ these techniques. It's true, you do. I had one such shoot this past weekend, a family portrait that I shot by myself. How did I use a reflector in these circumstances? Well, cheap labor is the answer. I explain in the second segment.

Story #3 - September Will Be Heaven for Tech Lovers: If you're a tech-loving, nimble photographer, then you may want to pay down your credit card balance this month. Because September is shaping up to be heaven (or hell, depending on your POV) for photography and technology.

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