New Yahoo Nav Bar on Flickr is a Step Backwards

Sometimes travel is bliss.

I've been on the road using the Flickr iPhone app, which a beautiful on all accounts. Now back home, I fired up my Mac and noticed that Yahoo had added an ugly, purple Yahoo Nav bar to the top of my Flickr page.

Ugly Purple Yahoo Nav Bar on Top of Flickr

This is a step backwards.

After finally implementing a design that is worthy of quality photography, this distracting nav bar, plunked right on top of another nav bar, looks like an executive decision by someone who clearly doesn't understand the audience the site is serving.

Maybe there's a way to turn it off, and I simply have not found it yet. I explored both my Flickr and Yahoo settings, however, and didn't see an option.

So here's my constructive suggestion, Yahoo. Go ahead and enable the ugly, purple nav bar by default to meet your corporate needs. But, for those of us who are paying for our Flickr accounts, give us an option to turn off the nav bar like we can with the hideous ads that Yahoo serves to the free accounts. (And if that option currently exists, and I missed it, my apologies.)

Think about it. It's absolutely the right thing to do.

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