The Versatile, Pocketable Canon EX270 II Flash

Canon Speedlite 270EX II Flash

The one flash that I always have stashed in my camera bag is the Canon 270EX II Speedlite Flash ($149) because it is one of my most versatile photo accessories.

This pocket-sized wonder weighs just a bit over 5 ounces, yet can help me light a variety of scenes. Here are its highlights:

  • Bounce Head - This is a rarity in pocket flashes. The head can be angled upward for bounce flash. I often attach a white business card to the head for a bounce/fill portrait.
  • Manual Zoom Head - Coverage can be switched between normal and telephoto.
  • Slave Capability - Not only will the 270EX II fire wirelessly from my Canon 70D, it can function in an A/B configuration. The 270 EXII is programmed as Group A, just set the other Canon flash to Group B, and you can control the ratios between them.
  • flash-menu.jpg

  • Flash Exposure Compensation - From the Flash menu on your Canon camera, you have 3 stops flash exposure compensation for over and under control.
  • Flash Release Function - You can trigger the camera wirelessly from the flash via a 2-second delay. Very handy when you don't have a helper to hold the flash for you.

The Canon 270EX II Speedlite Flash includes a soft case that also holds a mini flash stand with mounting socket in the bottom. It only requires 2 AA batteries. And I never leave home without it.

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