iPad mini with Retina Display - Very High Nimbleosity Rating

iPad mini with Retina Display

Apple clearly designed the iPad mini with Retina display for nimble photographers. At .75 pound (341 grams) and fitting in an 8" x 6" area in your camera bag, you can have high resolution editing, publishing, and sharing with you at all times.

I was particularly happy to see the A7 processor included in this second generation tablet. Not only will it help power the 2048-by-1536 resolution display (at 326 pixels per inch), but it will make our photo editing a more pleasurable experience.

This will be the model where you'll want to spend the extra money for the WiFi + Cellular. I recommend the 32GB mini ($629) as the entry level model for nimble photographers. If you can afford to move up to 64GBs at $729, you'll probably be glad you did over the long haul.

With the added connectivity, you're not dependent on flaky WiFi networks while on the go. I think there's also an added level of security using cellular instead of public wireless. And in a pinch, your iPad can serve as an Internet access point for your computer and other devices. If you're using AT&T as a provider for your iPhone, then I would select Verizon for your iPad. That will expand your coverage area.

I would also take advantage of Cloud storage services, such as Photo Stream, Everpix, and Dropbox to help keep your mini from gobbling up too many megabytes on the device itself.

Since the second gen iPad mini won't be available until November, we have some time now to gather our resources. Highly recommended.

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