How Important Are STM Lenses for Canon 70D Shooters?

Canon 70D Top View

Many enthusiast photographers wrestle with the decision whether or not to get a kit lens when purchasing a new DSLR. I think this consideration becomes even more important with the new Canon EOS 70D. Why? Because the STM lenses perform noticeably better than standard EF-S zooms on the 70D. At the top of the list is how quietly the STM lenses focus.

Today on Photo Help Desk, Craig asked if he should invest in the Canon 18-135mm STM when purchasing his new Canon 70D. His issue was that he already owns excellent glass that covers the same focal range.

Our response on Photo Help Desk was that we think the investment is a good idea, based on three reasons. So, our short answer is "yes;" add the 18-135mm STM to the kit. If you're interested in why we think this is a good idea, check out our response at Photo Help Desk. We cover this, and many other interesting topics, there every day. is a down-to-earth resource for curious minded photographers. Submit your questions, and we'll post an answer.

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