"Urban Reporter, iPhone 5S Camera (hype?), Ziploc Bag" - Photography Podcast 395

This week on The Digital Story photography podcast: The new Lowepro Urban Reporter photo bag, Does the iPhone 5S camera live up to its hype?,and Ziploc bags - All of this and more on today's show with Derrick Story.

Story #1 - The Lowepro Urban Reporter 150 camera bag is my current favorite compact system camera bag, and I love the Urban Reporter 250 for my DSLR kit. Both bags have soft texture fabric exteriors, leather touch points, and metal hardware. They are light, comfortable, and wonderfully designed for the Nimble Photographer. I go into detail in today's second segment.

Camera Filters in iOS 7

Story #2 - Is the iPhone 5S camera worth getting excited about? After a week of shooting, my opinion is that the iPhone 5S camera lives up to the hype. Here's what's impressed me.

  • User interface - The powerful hardware combined with the new Camera app in iOS 7 is a winning combination. The camera is just so easy to use.
  • Slow Motion Video that really works. Not only on the iPhone itself, but you can publish it to YouTube or incorporate in iMovie projects.
  • Amazing Panoramas - The dynamic exposure panorama capability automatically calculates and adjusts exposure variations across the scene as you capture the panorama. This leads to stunning images right out of the camera.
  • True Tone Flash - the iPhone 5S sports two LEDs, one white and one amber, and they are used in varying degrees to create natural coloration under a variety of conditions. And it works.
  • Fast performance - Press the home button, swipe upward and tap the camera icon: you're ready to shoot in about a second. Focusing is fast, and burst mode is blazing. Everything happens quickly with this camera.
  • It's Fun - I know this sounds like a weird feature, but the iPhone 5S is flat out fun to shoot with. Great performance, fun features such as filters and slo mo video, and instant results.

Slow motion video capture with iPhone 5S.

No wonder compact cameras are struggling.

Story #3 - Why you should carry a Ziploc bag in your camera kit. It's probably one of your least expensive photo accessories, but it can save you in so many ways. I explain why in the third segment.

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